TM in Lab

The Michigan Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core (MRC2), funded by the NIH Common Fund's Metabolomics program, is a fully integrated center that supports metabolomics research and training nationwide.

The MRC2:

  • Has staff expertise and the sophisticated infrastructure to determine the relative amounts of known and unknown metabolites in cells, tissues and biological fluids.
  • Conducts and sponsors research aimed at improving metabolite detection, the quality and efficiency of analysis, and the tools to turn spectral data into knowledge.
  • Trains scientists in metabolomics analysis, statistical analysis, bioinformatics evaluation of data, and approaches for incorporating metabolomics into research.

Scientific objectives of the MRC2

Research consultation

  • Provide researchers assistance in the design and execution of experiments requiring the identification and quantification of metabolites.
  • Provide support for analysis of spectral output data.
  • Provide statistical support through consultation, collaboration and on-line tools.


  • Provide gas and liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC and LC MS) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) based metabolomic analysis.
  • Provide tools for the normalization and quantification of identified and unidentified metabolites.
  • Provide bioinformatics tools to access information about metabolites, to visually analyze systems-level relationships between metabolites and ’omics data.

Training and grants

  • Provide a variety of educational opportunities for students, fellows and faculty in the field of metabolomics research.
  • Provide small and larger Pilot/Feasibility (P/F) grants to stimulate innovative efforts to incorporate metabolomics into basic, translational and clinical research protocols.

Data sharing