Arun Das, PhD

Arun Das
Assistant Research Scientist
(734) 647-1240

Dr. Arun K Das manages the lipomics section of the Metabolomics Core and is a member of the Internal Medicine Department at the University of Michigan. Prior to this position, Dr. Das worked for many years at Mental Health Research Institute (now known as The Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute) at the University of Michigan Medical School, in the area of membrane lipid research. He received his PhD in India at the University of Calcutta where his graduate training was mainly as an organic chemist specializing in lipid chemistry and analysis. During his postdoctoral studies and beyond Dr. Das acquired an extensive knowledge and background on various aspects of chemistry, biochemistry/enzymology and molecular biology of membrane lipid and its metabolic enzymes. Over the years, he made a number of discoveries in the area of chemical synthesis of phospholipids, enzymology of lipids, effect of hypolipidemic drugs on lipid metabolism, cloning cDNA of lipid metabolic enzyme and so on.

Dr. Das has published more than 30 peer-reviewed research publications and is a co-author of several book-chapters published on glycerolipid biosynthesis, method developments and genetic disease due to lipid storage disorder. He wrote a book chapter on Common Protocols on Membrane Lipid Analysis and Lipidomics (Handbook of Molecular & Cellular Methods in Biology & Medicine). Dr. Das became a member of American Oil Chemist Society in 1992. His current interest at the MMOC center, University of Michigan is on the studies of structural and functional aberration of membrane lipids, lipid metabolites and the enzymes involved for such alteration under the state of diabetes, obesity and related physiological dysfunctions.

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