Targeted Assays


The Targeted Metabolomics Laboratory provides assays for specific metabolites as requested by individual researchers. The laboratory works with a wide range of sample types, including but not limited to: cells, tissues, and biological fluids from human subjects, research animals, and other organisms.

Typical assays are listed below but laboratory capabilities are by no means limited to them. Assays can be tailored to investigators’ needs at a small additional cost.

When you're ready to proceed, please follow the steps to submit a project service request here.

Please contact the Managing Director, Maureen Kachman, if you have questions not answered here, or to discuss details.

Services & Fees

Service Charge per Sample (*Internal Rate) Assay Description (PDF file)
2-HG - D/L isomer analysis $121.00 / per assay
Acyl-CoA analysis $133.00 / per assay
Acylcarnitine analysis $131.00 / per assay PDF icon Acyl Carnintines - AssayDescription.pdf
Amino acid analysis (free amino acids, as in plasma/urine) $121.00 / per assay PDF icon Amino Acids - AssayDescription.pdf
Amino acid analysis (with protein hydrolysis, as in tissue/cells) $121.00 / per assay
Bile acid analysis (colon contents/plasma) $140.00 / per assay PDF icon BileAcids- AssayDescription.pdf
Ceramide analysis $134.00 / per assay PDF icon Ceramides - AssayDescription.pdf
Develop new assay (method development) $105.00 / hour
Eicosanoids $140.00 / per assay PDF icon Eicosanoids - Assay Description.pdf
Fatty acids from Lipids by GC-MS $116.00 / per assay PDF icon Fatty acids from Lipids by GC-MS- AssayDescription.pdf
Glycolysis / TCA / Nucleotide analysis $107.00 / per assay PDF icon Glycolysis TCA Nucleotides - AssayDescription.pdf
Metformin assay $74.00 / sample
Seahorse XF24 or SF96 operation $79.0 per hour plus supplies
Short chain fatty acid analysis $111.00 / per assay PDF icon ShortChainFattyAcids- AssayDescription.pdf
TCA - Plus $106.00 / per assay PDF icon TCA Plus - AssayDescription.pdf
Tryptophan Metabolites $119.00 / per assay PDF icon Tryptophan Metabolites- AssayDescription.pdf