Lipomics (Targeted)

TM in Lab

Analyses under the targeted lipomics lab are performed by extracting major membrane lipids from various tissues, plasma, cells, algae, bacterial extract, determining their fatty acid profile by gas chromatography, separating them into neutral and phospholipids and their corresponding sub fractions via thin layer chromatography, quantifying the amounts of these lipid classes and subclasses, determining their individual fatty acid compositions etc. Fatty acids containing ester bond from medium chain carbon 12 through carbon 26 having fully saturated carbon chain and unsaturated chain with different number and location of double bonds and commonly occurring ether bonds can be conveniently analyzed. Separation of cis/trans fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, lactobacilli acid of particular interest and related items are also performed with developed techniques. Quality control and reproducibility are checked to determine the analytical performances.

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Services & Fees

Service Charge per Sample (*Internal Rate) Assay Description (PDF file)
Lipid CLASS fatty acyl profiles (per lipid class) $119.00 / per assay PDF icon Lipidomics - Assay Description.pdf
Total Lipid Extraction and class separation by TLC (per lipid class) $60.00 / per assay
Total Lipid Extraction and cleanup by TLC $60.00 / per assay
Total Lipid fatty acid profile by GC of methyl esters $119.00 / per assay
Total Lipid TRANS-fatty acid profile by GC of methyl esters $119.00 / per assay
Total phospholipid quantitation by phosphorous assay $152.00 / per assay